Hellenikos Ichnilatis

The Hellenikos Ichnilatis is a rare dog breed originating in Greece. Also known as Greek Hound, Hellenic Hound and Greek Harehound, this dog is a scenthound that is used to track and chase hares. With athletic and robust built and well balanced symmetry, Greek Hound is a smart and good looking dog.

The Hellenikos Ichnilatis is an ancient breed of scenthound whose roots dated back thousands of years ago. As with any ancient breeds, origin of the Hellenikos Ichnilatis was lost in antiquity although it was believed that the progenitors of this breed are the ancient laconikoi kynes. These dogs are native to Peloponessus or Southern Greece. The Greek Hounds are black and tan dogs noted for being excellent trackers and hunters of hare. Ancient Greek writings praising this outstanding breed exist.

This medium size dog stands between 18-22 inches and weighs between 38-45 lbs. The head is long with wide forehead and broad muzzle which slightly tapers to the nose. Large eyes are dark coloured while ears are set high and hang down halfway along the head. Medium length neck is strong and broadens towards the chest. The back is straight and long with a level topline. Chest is deep and broad with well sprung ribs. Legs are well set, angulated and strong. Medium length tail is carried straight or with slightly upward curve. It has a short, coarse and thick coat that comes in characteristic black and tan(Fire red) coat.

This breed is not recognized by AKC.

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