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Dog Breeds by group

Each dog breed is sorted by a particular dog "group", depending on his genetically inherited talents. There are separated in the following categories: Herding, Hounding, Sporting, Non-sporting, Terrier, Toy and working dog breeds. Click one of these options to see a list of all dog breeds that fit the selected criteria and to learn more about what type of behavior each dog breed is prone too depending on it's breed group.

Herding Dog Breeds
Dogs of the Herding Group have in common the desire and ability to control the movements of other animal, most often sheep and cattle. In some species, this is the accomplished by stalking and staring, in others by barking, and in others by nipping.. Some herders have gathering tendencies, whereas others have driving tendencies. All have in common the ability to work using both their owner?s commands and their own judgment. Herding breeds make intelligent and devoted partners. Below is a list of all herding dog breeds.
Hound Dog Breeds
The hounds are one of the oldest groups of dogs, aiding humans by pursuing and catching their quarry. The sighthounds pursue by sight and include the fast running dogs of greyhound build, whereas the scenthounds pursue by scent and include the more solidly built dogs of general foxhound build. Some breeds hunt by both sight and scent, and a few breeds don't seem like hounds at all. Again, all hound breeds have in common the independent pursuit of mammalian quarry. As such, they traditionally could not wait for the hunter's direction; they led the way. Below is a list of all hounding dog breeds.
Non-Sporting Dog Breeds
The Non-Sporting Group is the most diverse of all groups, sometimes considered a catch-all for the breeds that defy categorization elsewhere or that no longer have a tenable function. Some prefer to call it the Companion Group because these dogs tend to have in common at least a recent background of bred solely for companionship purposes. The background of these dogs is so varied, however, that it would be unrealistic to classify them as generally better companions than any other group. Each breed must be evaluated on its own merits in this group. Below is a list of all hounding dog breeds.
Sporting Dog Breeds
The Sporting breeds are the modern hunters in that they hunt in concert with a hunter armed with a gun. Their roots often lay in hunters armed with nets, however. They work with the hunter to extend the hunter's abilities by locating, moving, or bringing back birds. The group that locates game is composed of pointing and setting breeds, which freeze in mid stride and 'point' to game. The group that moves game is the spaniels, which range back and forth close to the hunter, flushing game so that the hunter can shoot it. The group that brings back downed game is the retrievers, which mark where game falls and return with it over land or through water. Many breeds combine talents and are termed versatile hunters. Below is a list of all sporting dog breeds.
Terrier Dog Breeds
Dogs of the Terrier Group have in common the proclivity to kill rodents and vermin, often by digging or going to ground after them. The word terrier, in fact, refers to earth or terra. Some terriers were developed in part to kill rats in pit contests, and later to fight against each other. The vermin-catching terriers are roughly divided into long-legged and short-legged breeds. Below is a list of all terrier dog breeds.
Toy Dog Breeds
Dogs of the Toy Group are the miniature versions of the dog world. Many of these breeds are quite ancient, attesting to the value people have long place in fogs for the sake of companionship and adornment. It is difficult to ascribe behavioural characteristics to the entire group because many of these dogs are basically miniaturized versions of dogs from other groups, although several others are of such ancient origin that they cannot be traced to their larger ancestors.
Working Dog Breeds
The Working dogs are those that put their bravery or brawn into the service of humans. They can be broadly divided into guarding or pretecting breeds, sledding breeds, carting breeds, and rescue breeds. In general, the Working breeds are known for their intelligence and hardiness.

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