Great Swiss Mountain Dog

The Great Swiss Mountain Dog is a working type of dog developed in the Swiss Alps, Switzerland. They are known also known as the Grosser Schweizer Sennenund, the Metzgerhund (Butcher's Dogs), the Large Swiss mountain Dog or commonly termed as "Swissy". These breeds are the largest and oldest of the four Sennenhound Breeds. They are … Read more

Belgian Laekenois

The Belgian Laekenois breed is the rarest of the four Belgian Sheepdog breeds. Pronounced as "Lak-in-wah", this rare breed is a very bright and obedient dog. These dogs are robust, agile and very active. They are also known to be called Chien de Berger Belge and Belgian Shepherd Laekenois. They make wonderful family dogs if … Read more

Swissy saint

The Swissy Saint is a cross between the Saint Bernard and the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. These two big dogs share the altitude of the Swiss Alps, and a probable molosser or mastiff in their bloodlines. The Greater Swiss Dog is one of the four Sennenhund, dog breeds used for farm work, herding, pulling carts, … Read more

Appenzeller Mountain Dog

The Appenzeller Mountain Dog is a herding type of dog breed which originated in Switzerland. The breed is one of the four Sennenhunds or Swiss Mountain Dogs. The other three are the Berner, Entelbucher and Grosser Schweizer. These four breeds share the same coat colors while they vary in size. The Appenzeller is the rarest … Read more


The Leonberger is a purely bred large dog. They are also called Leo or Gentle Lion. Their name was derived from the city of Leonberg in Baden-W�rttemberg, Germany. The Leonbergers were presumably bred as a symbolic dog that would imitate the lion in the town crest. It was originally created by crossing a female Landseer … Read more

St Weiler

St. Weilers are cross breeds between the Rottweiler and Saint Bernard. These breeds are non-aggressive, friendly and affectionate. They are typically known to be easy going, calm and protective dog. They appear to have a built like the Saint Bernard with the markings of a Rottweiler.

Mountain Mastiff

The Mountain Mastiff is a cross between a purebred Mastiff and a purebred Bernese Mountain dog. They are called hybrid dogs due to their origination from two different pure breeds. The Mountain Mastiff dogs are large in size with an average height of 28 to 38 inches and weight in the region of 150 to … Read more


The Huskita is a mix between a Siberian Husky and an Akita Inu purebreds. They are called hybrids due to their origination from two different pure breeds. The Huskita dogs are medium to large size and can stand up to 26 inches. Their weight can be in the range of 70 to 120 pounds. They … Read more


The Swissneese is a cross between two working dog breeds, one originating from the Swiss Alps and the other from the Pyrenees Mountains. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, despite uncertainties in its origin, was valued as a drafting and droving dog for several centuries, and is one of the four Sennenhund, "Sennen" referring to the … Read more

Euro Mountain Sheparnese

The Euro Mountain Sheparnese dogs are a mix between a Bernese Mountain and a German Shepherd. They are called hybrid or designer dogs because they originate from two different pure breeds. They are large size dogs standing no less than 26 inches and weighing around 120 pounds or more. They are alert, intelligent, loyal and … Read more