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So you have a dog that jumps, and you’re sick of pushing them off or apologizing to guests.  This can be a frustrating and embarrassing behavior, what exactly can you do to curb it?  There are several fixes for a jumping dog, though as with all dog training, you’ll need patience and consistency.    There are two major causes for dogs that jump up: stress and excitement.  It’s importa ... Go to Article >>
So you're looking for a dog and you've made the admirable decision to try and find one that needs you. You may be in an area with a huge collection of rescues and shelters, or you may be somewhere that only has one. You may be looking for a small dog, big dog or somewhere in between. Whatever your situation is, let's go over some helpful information to make this new adventure a success.   If you ar ... Go to Article >>
Does your dog bark, scratch at the door or whine when you leave? Does it start even when you're just grabbing your keys or putting your shoes on? If so, your furry best friend might be suffering from mild separation anxiety. Getting frustrated and scolding may often make this situation worse, so what can you do to ease the process of getting out of the house?     Start by doing everything you would normally do ... Go to Article >>
Family dogs are ideal for their loyalty, service, energy, and care for their human companions. They are usually good with kids and possess stable temperament. Playfulness and affection are also their common features. Training these dogs early certainly adds to the fun in the whole human pack. Beagle This adorable and charming short-legged pooch is best recognized through the most-loved beagle, Snoopy. They come in various co ... Go to Article >>
All dogs are lovable, unique, and, in their own way, irresistible. But there are some who are like celebrities with the charm they couldn't keep and we couldn't help but appreciate. We have listed ten dogs who are known for their outstanding traits, making them the crowd favorite and the most popular:Labrador RetrieversLabs are well-loved and popular among many because of their playful and active disposition. They are also ver ... Go to Article >>

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