Border Collies: The Brightest Canine Breed of All

Remember the Border Collies? They are the dogs who make it to the top of almost every list of the smartest dog breeds. There is practically no question from dog experts about the high intellect of Border Collies. We all love dogs who are easily trainable. But there are more to their breed than that simple fact. If you’re thinking of taking a Border Collie in, this article will provide a background about the breed to help you decide.

Nice to meet you Madame/Monsieur Border Collie!
Border Collies have been trained as sheep herders for hundreds of years, originally from the borders of Scotland and England. They are very focused and precise in this task while keeping it gentle, low, and quiet. Probably, they are the most hardworking breed when it comes to herding and other tasks, enjoying and living on both physical and mental challenge. They are known to be workaholics and literally live to work and serve their owners.

How can you be so perfect, my dear Border Collie?
It may sound unusual but in order to be happy, a Border Collie needs a great many things to do. They have a lot of energy and skills that they instinctively want to put to use. They are very eager to please their owner. They herd sheep. They are agile and play Frisbee. They are fast. They learn the quickest among all dog breeds. They learn as much as 300 words. They understand instructions in less than 5 repetitions. They are obedient. What more can an owner ask for?

I just couldn’t believe that you would ever disappoint me.
Because of their restless mind and body, Border Collies require much exercise and work to stimulate them. They could never be left alone or without a task for long because it will bore them to the point of causing catastrophic destruction. With their herding instinct, they will definitely find something to do. Without your presence and leadership, they will surely take over and spend every energy in their body chewing, pulling, or herding everything . They do not discriminate what it is, no matter how expensive or dangerous that object is, the Border Collie will surely destroy it. They are in need of your praise and companionship, and it would be a good idea to train them from a very young age. As they grow older, continuously provide various kinds and extensive amounts of physical activities with a Border Collie and they will live a healthy and happy life. Outdoor exercises are a must and apartment living is definitely not an option for this breed.

I’m happy to be with you, my dear Border Collie.
Border Collies need much attention and activities from their owner. They are great companion dogs but only if the family is ready and willing to give a great amount of time and energy that would suit the unique personality and lifestyle requirement of this breed. They are most friendly and loving with people and pets, but make sure they are well-trained from the start and that they are kept constantly stimulated physically and intellectually so that they wouldn’t end up herding the most unlikely things.

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