Caring For an Elderly Dog

“”I noticed Petrus was getting stiff climbing the stairs to our fifth-floor walk-up apartment. The Vet suggested glucosamine hydrochloride (500 mg daily) and fish oil supplements (2

Dog Grooming Basic

Part of keeping your dog healthy and your house clean is grooming your dog appropriately. Grooming your dog is beneficial for both pet and you, the pet owner. It keeps your pet feeling fresh, clean, and loved while you feel comfortable having a companion who wouldn’t mess up the house with dirty feet and stinking … Read more

How often should you bathe your dog?

Nobody likes a dirty dog. Some people are so determined to keep their dog sweet smelling and dirt free, they bathe them once a week. If you are one of those dog owners, you probably believe you’re being a responsible pet owner and taking the best possible care of you canine companion. In reality, though, … Read more