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Help prevent millions of dogs from being abandoned

“According to the ASPCA, there are about 5 to 7 million animals that are given up to shelters every year in the United States alone, which inadvertently result in the euthanizing of 60% of dogs given up to a shelter.”


Every year, millions of dogs are abandoned to shelters

The Importance of a Breed Compatible with you. Approximately 35% of all households in the United States currently own a dog which represents about 46 million households. Unfortunately, the union between the dog and his master is not always a merry one. In many cases, the caretakers tend to lose patience with their furry companions after a few torn shoes, the barking, the aggressivity, the fecal matter or the need for a daily exercise. There are many responsibilities that come with adopting which can turn out to be quite challenging physically and mentally. It usually becomes easier to take care of a dog over the years as he becomes more docile and obedient, however, if the dog is not trained properly from a young age, it might be quite difficult to achieve. According to the ASPCA, there are about 5 to 7 million animals that are given up to shelters every year in the United States alone, which inadvertently result in the euthanizing of 60% of dogs given up to a shelter.

We have all heard “A dog is a man’s best friend”, and that is not very far from the truth. There are many, very successful and strong bonds formed between master and dog, and of course, adopting is not for everyone, but for those who wish to adopt, it is very possible develop that special kinship sentiment with your furry mutt.

What gets in the way?

Future pet owners often tend to adopt without doing adequate research on the breed’s particular behavioural patterns, needs and characteristics. From 2001 to 2011, the ranking for the 5 most popular breeds have remained almost identical from year to year. Additionally, about 62% of all pets adopted were either given for free or acquired at low costs. Much like choosing one’s own friends in life, it’s very important to choose your dog properly to truly develop that unshakable bond. Currently, most people considering this long term relationship choose based on what is easily accessible or popular, rather than what best suits their life style, energy and goals. For the past 10 years, the most commonly chosen breed is the Labrador Retriever, which is usually a very smart dog, easy to teach tricks to, requires little grooming and does great with children. However, it’s a fairly large breed with abundant energy, affection and playfulness. If this breed is not regularly exercised and given enough attention and playtime, this breed is inclined to excessive barking, obesity, destruction of property and depression, factors common in dogs given up to dog shelters.

Finding that perfect breed with the

With over 170 AKC recognized purebreds and total of about 1400 breeds (purebreds and hybrids included), each with their own behavioural patterns and requirements, there are breeds better suited for particular environments. Researching all these breeds could be quite a lengthy process, which is why PetYourDog.com developed an online dog matching system covering basic aspects of a future owner’s personality, lifestyle, strengths, weaknesses and preferences, in order to determine his most compatible breeds. The purpose of this evaluation is to help eventual dog owners form a fruitful relation with their companion and a special bond that doesn’t expire. Taking a few minutes to complete the evaluation or sharing it with friends or family may help save millions of dogs from abandonment or even death.

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Petyourdog.com is one of the greatest dog resources on the net with complete and accurate descriptions, including pictures and videos for all purebred and hybrid dogs. As a non-profit project PetYourDog encourages responsible dog ownership. We believe that the fair treatment and the well-being of a dog should start with a well informed and educated dog owner. Using our Dog Matching System, future dog owners can better understand the requirements and selection criteria of finding the perfect dog for them or their families. With so many dogs ending up on the street or in shelters each year, it is vital for anyone that wishes to be a responsible dog owner to become aware of the moral obligation that comes with owning a dog. As such, Petyourdog.com keeps a close affiliation with shelters to encourage all dog lovers to consider adopting a dog from their local shelter.

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3 to 5 million dogs
are abandoned every year in the U.S. alone
Help Save
Dogs From