The Africanis is a medium built dog that is very agile, intelligent and mild mannered. Contrary to its name, the breed did not originate in Africa. History suggests the Africanis were present some 4700 years ago in Egypt. This breed spread along the Nile and Sahara some 2700 years later. The breed was imported in South Africa some 1000 years ago and called Africanis.

This dog is has a well built structure, the body is longer than taller. The coat is short and soft. Africanis body is well built to support its supple and agile movements. The body structure also helps the dogs very fast speed. This dog has a wedge-shaped head and expressive face.

This dog breed is unique in the sense that it was not bred for appearance. It has survived through very harsh conditions on its own and have become very adaptable to harsh conditions. As this breed roamed around villages, valleys of Africa, it has a natural liking for both human companionship and space.

The Africanis dogs are found in different colours and markings. They are friendly, gentle and get along well with other dogs. They have a natural instinct for hunting. This dog breed makes good companion dogs.

This breed is not recognized by AKC or any other recognized Kennel Club but a separate society by the name of 'The Africanis Society of Southern Africa was formed to conserve this ancient breed. The Society works to conserve an ancient dog and not to develop the breed or artificially breed dogs for selective characteristics.

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