Akbash Dog

The Akbash is an ancient dog breed that originated in western Turkey hence the name from Turkey 'Akbas' meaning 'white head'. This breed is traditionally used as live stock guardian. In Turkey, this dog is owned and bred by villagers to protect live stock from wolves and other predators.

The Akbash Dog is long legged, lean, muscular with an imposing size and strength. It has great courage and stamina along with keen sense of hearing. This large dog is around 75 to 140 pounds in weight and range from about 27 to 34 inches when fully matured. This breed has characteristics of both Molosser and Sighthound breeds as it is believed that its ancestry was influenced by both breeds. This is apparent in dogs' long legs, deep chest, arched loin, shallow lower tucked jaw, speed and agility which is characteristics of sighthounds while Molosser characteristics include height, weight, broader head and overall impression of power. It's water resistant double coat is short to medium in length with coarse and non-matting fur. It has massive head with V-shaped ears.

This large dog is very agile and can move very quickly for its size and weight. Gender difference plays an important role in height and weight of this dog as female dogs are shorter and lighter than males.

This dog is a fierce live stock guardian as well as a very loyal, gentle and affectionate pet for its human family.
It is NOT recognized by AKC but UKC, NKC, CKC etc recognized this dog.

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