Alano Espanol

The Alano Espa�ol is also known as Alano and Spanish Bulldog. It is a large Molosser dog breed, originating in Spain that can stand up to 24 inches and weigh around 75 to 88 pounds when fully matured. It is extremely athletic dog with a well proportioned body that enables the dog to achieve high speed and stamina to keep running for long distances. It is used for herding animal cattle, hunting and bull fighting. The breed has very strong and powerful jaws that help it hold large animals. The front legs of this breed are stronger than back legs. The backbone is either straight or slightly upward but never descending. The head is similar to a bulldog. The muzzle is wide with a wide black nose along with open nostrils. The coat of this breed comes in yellow, wolf gray, fawn, red, brindled. White chest flashes are acceptable but not predominant white. The face can have black mask. The skin is very thick with neck folds and some wrinkles on the face.

This breed is not recognized by AKC however it is recognized by Spanish Kennel Club, BBC, DRA. Many other associations are working to recognize this dog as a separate breed.

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