Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog (ABBB) is a large size sturdy, muscular and well-developed breed with a broad head and natural drop ear. The muzzle is prominent and is covered with loose upper lips. Hips are narrower than chest while the straight back is as long as dog is high at shoulders.

The ABBB is one of the last remaining breeds that are typical of the original English bulldog. While descendents of bulldogs, this breed is different and separate from English bulldog and is not just another variation of the breed. They have all the qualities of a bulldog except in a more exaggerated form. The Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs are taller and leggier as well as more athletic and energetic than most other bulldog breeds.

The dog stands anywhere from 20 to 25 inches and weighs in between 70 to 90 pounds. Weight for females is 55 to 75 pounds. There is a very visible difference in the size and weight between a male ABBB and its female counterpart with female dogs being shorter and lighter. This does not in anyway mean that there is any difference in bulldog traits. The coat is short and comes in many colours usually with white predominant. The eyes are well set apart with varying colours from brown to blue.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC.

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