American Blue Gascon Hound

The American Blue Gascon Hound is a large and superior hunting dog breed that is capable of adapting to most harsh conditions easily than most other hunting dogs.

This large dog has a height around 25 to 28 inches and can be 90 pounds or more. It gives the impression of an agile, aristocratic, powerful and confident animal with a look of intelligence and endurance. These dogs are used to hunt big game hunter going for bear, bobcat, jaguar or mountain lion. This dogs' remarkable endurance and amazing adaptability to harsh conditions make it an excellent companion for hunting in adverse terrain and poor hunting conditions like dry canyons, swamps or high altitudes.

The dog though an specialized hunting breed, does have qualities that make it a very good family pet. This dog is not for every owner and would need a firm and confident owner.

This dog is recognized by AKC, NZKC, UKC and ANKC.

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