American Crested Sand Terrier

The American Crested Sand Terrier is a relatively unknown breed as compared to some of other dog breeds. Contrary to its name, it originated in Africa and is used as a pet by the African tribes. It looks completely a different dog than most terriers. This medium built dog has a sturdy body. They have great muscular power with broad shoulders and wide chest. The ears are floppy. The muzzle is short.

The breed can be 15 to 20 inches in height and can weigh anywhere between 20-40 pounds. As with most dogs, the males are taller and heavier than females.

This breed is mostly found in soft beige or white colouring with pink nose, hence the name "Sand Terrier". These hypoallergenic dogs are almost non-shedding in nature. (almost because no dog is non-shedding in the true meaning of the word). So it is very suitable for people with allergies.

This breed is not recognized by AKC.

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