American Staghound

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Breed group: Sporting    Type: Pure Breed    Talent: , , ,


Size: Large     Weight: 60-100 pounds     Fur length: Short    Ears: Flappy    Fur type: Straight    Fur Color: Black, Brown & White, Light Brown / Golden, Merle / Spotted / Brindle / Speckled, White / Cream


Life Expectancy: 10-12 years    Rarity: Uncommon    Availability: Hard to find    Climate: Not good for cold climate.

Breed Details


The American Staghound is a sighthound and is primarily used to pursue and hunt a variety of game, usually stag,wolf and coyote. This dog was produced by crossing of the Greyhound with Scottish Deerhound. It is not recognized as a breed as it is used more for its function as a sighthound than as a type. The dog looks like a prototype for Greyhound. It has long legs, strong muscles and deep chest. It has rugged feet and thick skin. The dog stands around 24 to 30 inches and can weigh anywhere from 60 to 100 pounds. It comes in an assortment of colours. An exceptional quality of this dog is an excellent eyesight while some dogs also have scenting ability. This running dog can be as fast as a Greyhound but has more endurance.

Though typically used as hunting dog, It can be an exceptional family pet. The dog is not recognized by any club and it is more a type of dog than a separate breed.


The dog comes in almost all colours and pattern of the Greyhound and the Scottish Deerhound.


The coat for the American Staghound can be of three types. The "Shag" type that resembles the Scottish Deerhound coat, the "Slick" which resembles the Greyhound coat or the "broken" coat that is in between the two other coat types.


The American Staghound is an excellent family pet despite its sighting and hunting background. This dog is very affectionate and friendly with its family. It displays a gentle and patient attitude towards children although care should be taken due to its size. This breed is very calm and even-tempered around its family. It gets along well with other dogs but can pose problems for smaller animals like cats. It has strong prey drive and hunting instincts and can fall into believing small animals as its prey. For this very reason, the dog should not be off-leashed in an insecure area or it is likely to chase down small animals. This dog is alert and attentive to its surroundings and will signal alarm if it senses anything out of ordinary around it. It is suspicious of strangers and will make a good watchdog. The dog has poor territorial instincts and would be a poor guard dog. This dog is not so suitable for apartment life unless the owner is ready to take the dog for daily long walks and provide ample playtime. This dog will live happily in a rural setting with plenty of open space to run and play. A well socialized and trained American Staghound proves to be an excellent family pet.


Should be supervised with children due to its size. The "shaggy" coat type dogs will not need extra protection during winter but the "slick" coat type will. Coat requires minimal to average grooming depending upon the coat type.


The American Staghound will respond well to gentle, patient and consistent training.


The American Staghound is relatively calm and inactive indoors but it will be a totally different dog when outdoor as it loves to play and run in open spaces. The owner should take this dog for long walks and provide sufficient playing time in a secure open area or large fenced yard.

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