Amitola Bulldog

The Amitola Bulldog is a newer dog breed with a massive head and large skull. It has a padded muzzle with eyes just above it. The nose is large and fully coloured with wide nostrils. The ears are small and drop, close to the head, and neck is thick and well-muscled. The breed has broad and wide chest. It has thick and full tail. The legs are small but strong. The overall impression of this dog is that of an agile and athletic dog.

The breed comes in three sizes. The Miniature Amitola Bulldogs have heights and weights of 11-14 inches and 25-45 pounds respectively. The Bantam have heights and weights of 14-16 inches and 35-50 pounds respectively and Titans have heights and weights of 17 inches or more and 55 pounds and up respectively.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC however ABC, DRA and OBRA recognize these dogs as separate breed.

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