Andalusian Podenco

The Andalusian Podenco is known by many other names like Podenco Andaluz, Andalusian Hound, Podenco Andalusian and Podenco Maneto Andalusian. It is a primitive Spanish dog that comes in three sizes; small, medium and large. The looks vary as the dog was bred for hunting and not for looks. Generally the dog has erect ears. The legs are longer and the body shape is average. It comes in three different colours and three different coat types. The size and weight of the Andalusian Podenco differs and is divided into three categories. The small size dog has height and weight of 12-15 inches and 11-22 pounds; the medium size has 16-20 inches and 22-40 pounds while the large size displays height of 20-25 inches and weight 46-73 pounds.

The breed is NOT recognized by AKC however EPA and DRA recognize this dog.

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