The Anglos-Francaises is a dog breed that has seven dogs listed under it. These dogs are Grand Anglos-Francaises Tri-color, Grand Anglo Francais Blanc et Noir, Grand Anglo Francais Blanc et Orange, Francais Tricolore, Francais Blanc et Noir, Francais Blanc et Orange and Anglo Francais de Petit Venerie. These French dogs are crossed breeds between English Foxhounds and several old French Hounds breeds.

The dogs of this breed have moderately wide head and a solid body. The eyes are dark coloured with long ears. Muzzle is of medium size. Nose is usually black or matches coat colour. The neck is strong and medium in length. Body is long and athletically built. Legs are strong and muscular and provide plenty of propelling power. These dogs can have varying sizes, from 19 to 27 inches and weights from 35 to 70 pounds. The dogs come in three different colours with short and smooth coats.

These dogs were developed to be used in a pack for hunting purposes and they have highly developed scent and sight abilities. The breed is NOT recognized by AKC.

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