Appenzeller Mountain Dog

The Appenzeller Mountain Dog is a herding type of dog breed which originated in Switzerland. The breed is one of the four Sennenhunds or Swiss Mountain Dogs. The other three are the Berner, Entelbucher and Grosser Schweizer. These four breeds share the same coat colors while they vary in size. The Appenzeller is the rarest of them all.
These dogs were originally bred as a draft dog, a flock guardian and general farm dog. The dog was also used for herding and guarding. Today, this dog is predominantly kept as a family companion. They excel in obedience competitions and Schutzhund.
This dog is very intelligent, very active and hardworking. They make perfect companions for families who are active outdoors and are experienced dog owners. They require plenty of physical and mental exercise to keep them content and balanced dogs. If not provided with enough exercise and proper leadership, they could develop behavioral issues that could later escalate further.

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