Atlas Terrier

The Atlas Terrier dogs are direct descendents of the Jack Russell Terriers with one difference being the Atlas Terriers are found in solid colours also. The skull is flat between the ears and tapering. The eyes are almond shaped and can have one of many colours like brown, marble, yellow, green, hazel, cobalt and glass. The ears are V-shaped and forward folded. The dog has strong and moderately long neck with a tapered body. Chest is broad and pliable while limbs are powerful and angulated. The body is structured in such a way as to provide the dog agility, athleticism and fast speed.

The Atlas Terrier displays two types of coats and can have any color. White on chest, face, collar and toes is allowed and must not exceed more than 15% of body colour according to the breed standards.

This dog comes in three different sizes; Toy Atlas Terrier has height and weight between 9-11 inches and 6-12 pounds respectively; Mini Atlas Terrier has height and weight between 11-13 inches and 10-15 pounds respectively while standard Atlas Terrier has height between 13-15 inches and weight between 13-18 pounds.

This breed is not recognized by AKC however it is recognized by ATA, APRI, FCI, ACR, DRA with ATA(Atlas Terrier Association) being unique in the sense that all Atlas Terriers are DNA profiled and micro-chipped.

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