Australian Kelpie

The Australian Kelpie is an Australian sheep dog who thrives at mustering with little or no command from his master. These medium-sized dogs come in a variety of colors. The Australian Kelpie as also known as Australian Sheepdog, Australischer Kelpie, Kelpie and Barb.
The Kelpie breed has two distinct varieties: the show or bench Kelpie and the working Kelpie. The show Kelpie as the name suggests is seen at dog shows and most of the time they are selected for their appearance than their working attitude. Working Kelpies, on the other hand, were bred for their wonderful working ability.
These highly intelligent dogs are fairly easy to train but without proper leadership, they can become independent and take over the pack. They thrive on work given to them which means they are required to be given challenging activities that would stimulate their mental and physical capabilities.

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