Austrian Shorthaired Pinscher

The Austrian Shorthaired Pinscher (also known as Osterreichischer Kurzhaarpinscher or �sterreichischer Pinscher) is a working breed from Austria. This multi-utility dog has been used in Austrian farms to protect the farms of rats and other vermin, acting as home guards, livestock guardians and drovers. The dog has peared-shaped head with short but strong muzzle. The eyes are round, big and have dark colour. The folded ears are medium length with a bat-like shape and set high on the head. The medium sized body has short and strong neck. The barrel shaped chest appears wider than it is long. Back is short and strong with tucked up loin. Forelegs are straight and firm while hind legs are slightly arched. The feet is small, round and pointing straight forward with compact arched toes. Tail is docked or curled over the back. The body of Austrian Shorthaired Pinscher appears heavier, more rugged and rectangular in appearance than a closely resemble breed, the German Pinscher.
The height and weight of this breed ranges between 13-20 inches and 25-40 pounds respectively.
This breed is NOT recognized by AKC however it is recognized by FCI, APRI, ACR and DRA.

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