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Breed Attributes


Breed group: Working    Type: Pure Breed    Talent: , ,


Size: Large     Weight: Unknown     Fur length: Long    Ears: Flappy    Fur type: Straight    Fur Color: Black & Brown, Dark Brown / Chocolate, Light Brown / Golden, White / Cream


Life Expectancy: unknown    Rarity: Uncommon    Availability: Hard to find    Climate: Not good for warm climate.

Breed Details


The Bakharwal Dog is an ancient working breed of dog found in the Pir Panjal mountain range of the Kashmir Himalayas, where it has been bred for many centuries by the Guijar nomadic tribes as a livestock guardian dog and settlement protector. A recent study says that this species of dog is in danger.

They have been trained to be shield dogs for the tribe as well as specifically for cattle. The Bakharwal dog is known to be a very muscular and well structured dog. It is tall and powerful. One of the most recognizable features of the dog is its fluffy and rough coat. The dog has powerful solid shoulders having a powerful neck and head.


The most common and valued colouring is black and tan, but some tricolored and piebald examples can be found, too.


They have a medium-length flat coat. The coat is very thick with dense undercoat for insulation against the cold.


The breed is known as a very active one. It is necessary that they are trained well from their childhood. The Bakharwal dog is very playful and it is also protective. It needs its share of standard exercise and play. They dog is sociable and does not mind crowd and this can be simply because they are brought up in places with lots of people. The breed is also very aggressive when it comes to their area. They are protective of their turf and will react typically of a shield dog when confronted. Hence they are well suited as shield dogs for huge properties. They will be very happy in these situations. They are also utilized in their role as a shepherd dog to great advantage.


They have a dense coat that requires standard trimming and grooming to always keep them clean and shiny. It has to be brushed after or twice a week regularly.


The Bakharwal dog should be socialized early to prevent any destruction complications if he is to be home raised, and also to ensure that he will do well around children and other animals. Obedience instruction is known as a should for this energetic and very alert breed. This breed should have a number of instruction methods to retain his attention, as he tends to bore quickly. Variety, consistency, and organization handling work best with the Bakharwal Dog.


Bakharwal has to be taken for standard exercise. The Bakharwal dog breed is known as a rugged dog which is used to living in high places. They used to reside with nomadic tribes and hence have been put through a whole lot of physical exercise and work.

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