Banjara Greyhound

The Banjara Greyhound is a lesser known dog breed. It is mostly found in rural Indian regions and is mostly used to hunt small game, guarding and herding. This breed was recently recognized by Continental Kennel Club (CKC) and has proposed breed standards. The Banjara Greyhound are large size dogs with long lean lines and long narrow muzzle. The head is long and narrow and held high. Eyes are almond shaped and dark in colour. Ears are feathered and carried flat on head. Nose is black and neck is long, strong and arched. It has a deep chest with spring in ribs. Back is straight and level from shoulders to the loin. Forelegs are strong and straight while hind legs are angulated. Moderate size feet are feathered generously as is its slightly curled tail. The body structure helps the dog attain a swift and agile disposition.
The Banjara Greyhound has a height and weight in between 27-29 inches and 50-65 pounds respectively.

This breed though recognized by CKC, is NOT recognized by AKC.

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