Banter Bulldogge

The Banter Bulldogge is a relatively new dog breed that was developed in late 1990's in Ohio, America. It is a strong and mid size working dog. Strongly built, well-muscled and athletic, the dog has a bully build. The head is square and muscular with a pronounced stop between skull and muzzle. Top of skull is mostly flat. Muzzle is not up-turned and allows easy breathing. Almond shaped eyes are wide set with wrinkled brows that gives the impression of heavy concentration. Ears are short and can be drop or rose. Nose is black in colour. Neck is thick, strong and well-muscled. It has strong and square chest with springs to allow for heavy intake of air. Back is strong with a slight arch. Forelegs are muscular and well-defined while hind legs are very muscular, strong and powerful for bouncing leaps and superior pulling power. The tail is thick at the root and is set low and is undocked. It helps the dog keep balance while working. The Banter Bulldogge has a short and smooth coat that comes in fawn, red, black and brindle colours of all types with or without black mask. White colour is seen with all colours but must not exceed 30% of body colour. This dog has weight and height between 21-24 inches and 65-95 pounds respectively. Female dogs are lighter and shorter.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC.

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