Bavarian Mountain Hound

A cross between the Bavarian hound and the Hanover hound, the Bavarian Mountain Hound retains excellent tracking and trailing abilities of its ancestors. This scent hound is in use since middle ages for trailing and tracking wounded game in Germany. Its purpose of development was to obtain a leash dog with lighter weight for tracking and trailing in mountain regions. The dog has proved its worth and skills since and is now a classic companion for professional hunters and game keepers in Bavaria mountains.

This medium size dog is very balanced, fairly light, active and mobile that is slightly longer than taller and stands with its rear slightly higher than its shoulders.

The head of Bavarian Mountain Hound is broad with broad and slightly shorter muzzle with pendulous lips. The evenly spaced white teeth meet in a scissor bite. Nose is black and sometimes dark red with wide nostrils. Eyes are round with shades of brown and an expression of alertness. Ears are long, set high, broad on the base and rounded at the tips. Neck is strong and medium in length. The breed has long and strong legs. Tail is set high and is medium length. It is carried horizontally or slightly slanting downwards. The dense and harsh coat comes in different colours. The Bavarian Mountain Hound has height and weight between 18-21 inches and 40-55 pounds respectively.

The Bavarian Mountain Hound is NOT recognized by AKC however FCI, KC and UKC recognize this dog.

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