Beagle Harrier

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Breed group: Hounding    Type: Pure Breed    Talent: , , ,


Size: Medium     Weight: 42-46 lbs     Fur length: Short    Ears: Flappy    Fur type: Straight    Fur Color: 3 Colors


Life Expectancy: 12-14 years    Rarity: Uncommon    Availability: Hard to find    Climate: Not good for cold climate.

Breed Details


One of the oldest and now rare hound breeds in France, the Beagle Harrier is a scent hound that is used in packs to hunt deers and hares. It is believed to be a cross between two breeds, the Beagle and the Harrier though some also claim the dog is not a cross but a link between the development of those breeds.

The dog resembles in appearance, body structure and expression to the Beagle and the Harrier from a distance. Closer look reveals it is larger than a Beagle and Smaller than a Harrier. This dog has strong head with broad skull. The muzzle is of moderate length and tapers to a well developed black nose. The eyes are round with an expression of intelligence. The chest is deep with well sprung ribs and filled out belly. Back is short but well-muscled. The overall body structures gives the impression of a compact dog. The coat is flat, thick, short and smooth. The height and weight of this dog are 18-20 inches and 42-46 pounds respectively.

The Beagle Harrier is NOT recognized by AKC however it is recognized by DRA, FCI and other kennel clubs.


The Beagle Harrier usually comes in tricolors with colours fawn, black, tan and white. Grey coated Beagle Harriers are also found but are not as common as tricolored Beagle Harrier.


The coat of the Beagle Harrier is short, smooth and dense. It lies flat against the body.


The Beagle Harrier has basically an even temperament despite being a hunting dog. It is very friendly and affectionate to its human family and forms a strong bond with them. The dog is excellent with children showing kindness and tolerance. Calm and relaxed at home, the Beagle Harrier is amusing and happy. It can be comical as well. Accustomed to living in the pack, the dog is very good with other dogs in the family but needs early age socialization towards other pets due to its hunting instincts. While very agile and vigor when hunting, the Beagle Harrier is relatively inactive when at home. It loves to be outside playing and running unrestricted. Having hunting and scenting capabilities of both the Beagle and the Harrier, the Beagle Harrier is thought to be a superior hunter. It is very agile, determined and active when 'on the job'. The dog needs lots of space to fulfill its high needs for exercise. It is best suited to a rural or suburban setting and is definitely not a dog for apartment dwellers.


The coat requires minimal grooming. Brushing the coat once a week would help remove dead hair. Bathe only when necessary as regular bathing will strip the skin of natural and weather-resistant oil. Ears should be regularly checked for infection.


Though affable and intelligent, the dog nevertheless requires early age socialization and obedience training as the dog is a scent hound. The breed is difficult to train as most would turn a deaf ear and resist the training. Gentle and short training sessions, incorporated with games and treats would be the best method of training for these dogs. An untrained dog is difficult to recall once it picks up an interesting scent.


The dog has high needs for exercise as it is a working dog. It needs lots of exercise due to its background as a working and hunting dog. The owner should atleast replicate the extensive exercise the dog is accustomed to. The Beagle Harrier is best suited to suburban or rural life where it can roam around, play and run unrestricted by a leash.

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