The Beagle is a breed of dog categorized as a scent hound. They originated in Great Britain and are one of the most well-known dogs in the world as many have been featured in movies and cartoons! The Beagle is thought to be a cross between a mixture of English Hound and of the Harrier hound.

Small and durable, the Beagle is a hunter that uses his nose to locate out his prey. They hunt small game such as quail and pheasant and use their loud 'bay' when they catch the smell of their prey. They are attractive for animal testing as they are notorious for eating anything that is offered to them or that they come across.

The Beagle has a square shaped head that is quite broad. Their ears are large and floppy and the fur being short yet smooth. The Beagle has small paws often compared to those of a cat. Their tail is long and usually has a white tip on the end of it known as its 'flag' so hunters can locate the dog in tall grass.

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