The Beauceron dog breed originates and has been a known dog type for centuries in France and Western Europe, but to this day is still virtually unknown to the western world. Their history is long and believed to date back to 1578. Pierre Megnin founded the breed by distinguishing two sheepdog breeds with short and long coats in 1893: The Berger de la Brie (Briard) and the Berger de Beauce(Beauceron). The breed was named after a region of France named Beauce. Beauceron are nicknamed Bas Rouge (meaning: Red Stocking) because of the colored markings on the dog's legs. It is believed to be part of a Doberman's ancestry and the two breeds do have a lot of similar characteristics. The Beauceron was used to deliver messages, detect traps, find wounded soldiers, and carry food and ammunition during the two major wars in Europe. This dog breed is a serious worker and is often used in modern society as a Herding or Guard dog. The Beauceron dog breed has recently been fully recognized by the American Kennel Club.

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