Bedlington Terrier

The Bedlington Terrier originated in England and was bred to hunt down small animals such as badgers, rodents, foxes, and rabbits. They used to go by the name 'Rothbury Terrier' but began to be bred with the Bedlington creating the Bedlington Terrier. These dogs may look sweet but they are actually ferocious hunters with an extremely high prey drive.

This breeds appearance has constantly been compared to that of a lamb because they have very fine wooly fur and a long face. Their body is lean but is quite muscular which helps them take down their prey. The Bedlington has large ears that flop forward and powerful jaws. Their tail is long and depending on their hair cut may be shaved. Even at a young age, the Bedlington Terrier seems to have a hunched over spine but this is just the body posture of the breed.

These dogs are active, energetic and devoted making them a great pet to own. They are extremely loyal to their families and interact well with children. This breed will need to be socialized around other dogs and small animals (cats) as puppies to ensure they do not become aggressive towards these as adults. Full grown Bedlington Terriers for the most part will get along with other dogs but have a very short tolerance level for them.

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