Belgrade Terrier

The Belgrade Terrier is believed to be direct descendents of small Greek domestic dogs as well as being closely related to Balken Terrier. The original purpose was in its development was to create a dog suitable for hunting specially of various vermin. It slowly began to lose its popularity for this purpose and intent and was sort of 're-created' to be more of a family dog than being a hunter.

Standard for this breed calls for the dog to have a height around 12 inches. The dog is well-muscled, short and stocky in built and be deep-chested. The legs are very short and tail is thick and tapered when the dog is in relaxed mood. Long silky ears are floppy and set low on the head. Dark eyes have keen and alert expression. Muzzle is slightly longer with black nose. The coat can be short and smooth although some dogs are found in long coat and rough coat as well. Coat colours vary from solid colours to multicolor.

The Belgrade Terrier is NOT recognized by AKC however other kennel clubs like DRA, APRI, NAKC and IPDBA do recognize this dog.

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