Bench-legged Feist

A Feist is a small to medium size dog, developed in United States with an specific purpose to hunt squirrels and other small animals. As these dogs are bred solely for hunting purpose and not for their looks, they vary greatly in appearance. The Bench-legged Feist is among one of the Feist dogs.

The height and weight of a Bench-legged Feist is between 10-22 inches and 10-30 lbs respectively. The head is round with medium length muzzle. Eyes are small and dark while wedge-shaped ears are set well on side of the head and are erect or semi-erect. Nose is black. Neck is of medium length and strong. Chest is deep and well ribbed while back is straight and strong. Forelegs are straight and strong while hind legs are muscular with slight bent hooks. Tail is set high and carried erect.

The Bench-legged Feist is NOT recognized by AKC.

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