Berger des Picard

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Breed group: Herding    Type: Pure Breed    Talent: , , ,


Size: Medium     Weight: 50-70 lbs     Fur length: Long    Ears: Pointy    Fur type: Straight    Fur Color: Black, Black & Brown, Dark Brown / Chocolate, Gray / Salt & Pepper, Light Brown / Golden, White / Cream


Life Expectancy: 12-15 years    Rarity: Uncommon    Availability: Hard to find    Climate: Not good for cold climate.

Breed Details


The Berger des Picard (also called Picardy Shepherd) , named after the Picardie region in France, is a medium size French dog of herding group. It is one of the oldest herding breeds in France. The breed was breed was almost extinct during the first and second World Wars and is still rare even in its country of origin.

The dog has a rustic appearance which is a main cause of this breed not being so popular. The head of Berger des Picard is free of wrinkles and proportional to the body size. The skull is broad and slightly doomed with a slightly tapered muzzle. The hair on muzzle form a distinct mustache and beard. The nose is large and black. Brown colour eyes are medium and oval. The hair above the eye fall forward forming rough eyebrows but are not too long or thick to obscure the eyes. High set and always erect ears are of moderate size. They are broad from the base and slightly round at the tips. The long neck is strong and muscular and blends into well-laid-back shoulders. The head is carried erect. Forelegs are straight and strong while hind legs are long and well muscled. The body is slightly longer than tall with well moderately deep chest. Ribs are well sprung. Back is strong and straight. The tail is uncut, thick at the base and tapers to the tip. It forms slight J-curve at tip. The shaggy, rough double coat of Berger des Picard is a distinct feature of this dog. It is 2 to 2 1/2 inches long all over the body except for head and comes in varying shades of two colours; fawn and brindle. The height and weight of this dog is between 22-26 inches and 50-70 lbs respectively.

The dog is NOT recognized by AKC but FCI, CKC and UKC recognize this dog. AKC FSS (Foundation Stock Services) which is an optional recording service for purebreds that are not yet eligible for AKC recognition, also recognizes this dog.


The breed can display coat colours and shades including gray, gray-black, gray with black highlights, gray-blue, gray-red, light or dark fawn or a mixture of these shades. A slight white marking on the chest and toes is accepted.


The distinct coat of the The Berger des Picard is 2 to 2 1/2 inch long all over the body except for head. The coat is weather-resistant, harsh and crisp to touch. It has a minimum undercoat.


Lively, affectionate and intelligent, the Berger des Picard make a great family pet but do need early age socialization with friends, children, places, strangers and other dogs and pets. They are generally laid back and mellow but are known for having a stubborn streak. Sensitive and obedient, these dogs are energetic and hard working in nature. They are friendly and affectionate with all the family and specially kind and gentle to children but may show reservedness towards strangers. Very alert and loyal, the Berger des Picards have natural protective instincts and make excellent watch and guard dogs. They like and need human companionship and with their amusing nature and even temperament, they make very endearing companions. This dog is happiest when it has a job to do. This eager to please dog is an excellent family and guard dog.


The coat requires minimal of grooming with brushing required only once or twice a month. The dog has no doggy odor and does not need to be bathed. If anything, just clean it off when dirty.


The Berger des Picard is a sensitive, intelligent and eager to please dog and can be trained using gentle training procedures. It is a quick learner and will respond well to training accompanied by rewards and lots of praise and affection.


The Berger des Picard will need lots of physical activities. Being a working breed, the dog has high demand for exercise and playing time. It feels best when it is assigned to do a job. Daily walk and playing time is essential for this dog.

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