Berger des Pyrenees

The Berger des Pyr�n�es is also called 'Pyrenean Shepherd', 'Petit Berger' or 'Pyrenees Sheepdog'. Nick named 'Pyr Shep', is a herding dog originating in southern mountains of France. It is the smallest of the French herding dogs with a height between 15-21 inches and weigh between 15-32 lbs. The dog comes in two face varieties; Rough-faced and Smooth-faced. It is a small, sinewy, lean and lively dog whose sparkling personality and quicksilver intelligence are reflected in vibrant expressions of his unique triangular head and windswept face. The head of Berger des Pyr�n�es is triangular and small in proportion to the body. Almond-shaped eyes are open and very expressive. The moderate size ears can be cropped or uncropped. The skull is almost flat on top. Muzzle is straight and slightly shorter than skull. The neck is long and arched. The back is level and loins are slightly arched. The body is long. The tail may be docked, natural bob or naturally long. Forelegs are muscular and lean. The hind legs provide parallel columns of support from hips to hock. The coat can be any of two basic varieties; the smooth-faced coat and the rough-faced coat. Shades of fawn, brindle and shades of gray are most common colours for Berger des Pyr�n�es.

This dog is recognized by AKC, FCI, CKC, KC(UK) and UKC.

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