The Billy is a large hound dog that originated in France in 19th century. The breed is a combination of Montemboeuf, Ceris and Larye breeds which are now extinct. The dog was developed to work in packs to hunt Wild Boar and Roe Deer. The large Billy dog has height and weight between 23-27 inches and 50-70 pounds respectively. Females are shorter and lighter. The head is fairly fine, lean and medium in length with a slightly doomed forehead. The muzzle is moderate in length and square. The nose is well developed and comes in black or red brown color. Eyes are open with red brown or black eye rims. They have expression of alertness. The rather flat ears are medium in size and set high on head. Neck is strong and medium in length and sometimes has a slight dewlap. Forelegs are strong and vertical, with flat bone while the Hind legs are moderately muscled. The hocks are slightly bent, wide and strong. The tail is long, strong and sometimes slightly feathered. The coat is smooth and short and comes in pure white and off-white colors; sometimes with orange and lemon spots on head and body.

The Billy is a typical hound dog. It has very fast speed and is very energetic. It needs lots of space to run and play off leash and is definitely not an apartment dog. Very intelligent and courageous, the dog has been known to compete in obedience.

The Billy is NOT recognized by AKC however UKC and FCI recognize this dog as a pure breed.

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