Black Forest Hound

Known as Slovensky Kopov in its country of origin, Slovakia, the dog is also called Slovakian Hound. Declared national dog of Slovakia, the medium sized Black Forest Hound has typical hound dog appearance. Though solidly boned, the dog has light build and elegant appearance. It has a height and weight between 17-22 inches and 42-55 lbs respectively.

This dog has a flat domed head and a rather long rectangular shaped skull. Not too broad muzzle has a straight nasal bridge. The nose that is always black in color is rather large and has moderately opened nostrils. The tight fitting lips are noticeably open at the corners of the mouth. A Black forest Hound has firm regularly shaped jaws and well developed complete bite. Almond shaped eyes are rather deep set. Dark colored eyes and black pigmented eyelids show the dog?s courageous and lively temperament. Medium length ears have rounded tips. Ears are set on above the level of the eyes and carried flat against the side of the head. The short muscular neck is well set and covered with close fitting skin. The Black Forest Hound has a lightly built body. The medium length back is strong; the broad loin is firm and muscular. The suitably broad chest is well developed. Ribs are arched and the belly is moderately tucked up. The strong tail that tapers to the tip is low set and reaches the hock. The tail hangs down when the dog is relaxed and carried upwards in the shape of a saber when the dog is alert or on the move. This breed has short but well developed forequarters and well muscled hind quarters. Oval shaped feet have lightly arched toes, black nails and dark pads. This breed has dark brown to black skin that closely fits the body forming no folds. The skin is densely covered with slightly coarse 2 to 5 cm hair. The back the neck and the tail is covered with longer hair. The gleaming black coat and the mahogany and tan colored markings give the dog its impressive and elegant appearance.

The Black Forest Hound is NOT recognized by AKC however it is recognized by other kennel clubs such as FCI, UKC and CKC among others.

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