Black Mouth Cur

The Black Mouth Cur is a multipurpose dog that is used as an excellent hunting dog to hunt large or semi-large pray as well as great herding dog. It uses its eyes, ears and nose to hunt it quarry which mostly consists of boar, bear, coon, squirrel and deer. It is a medium size dog with height and weight of 16-25 inches and 45-95 pounds respectively. Its body structure makes it very agile and swift. The large head is proportionate to the body with flat and broad, slightly tapered skull. The muzzle and nose are moderately broad with nose having mostly black color although red or brown nose is also acceptable. Wide apart medium to large eyes can be yellow, green or brown. The dropped ears are wide at base, set high and are short to medium in length . Neck is muscled, strong and slightly arched. Forelegs are strong, straight and large while the hing legs are strong and muscular. The body is overall square or slightly longer than taller. Broad back is strong and level with strong and muscular loin. Chest is wide and muscular. The feet are large and webbed, similar to a Catahoula Leopard Dog. The tail of a Blackmouth Cur is medium length and is generally left natural, although it may also be docked. The short and dense coat comes in a variety of colors.

The Black Mouth Cur is made for stamina and exceptional endurance and its body gives it a sleek and graceful look. Overall, Black Mouth Curs look rugged and resourceful.

This dog is NOT recognized by AKC however it is recognized by UKC, CKC, ACR, DRA, APRI and many others.

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