Bohemian Terrier

The Bohemian Terrier is a new breed and is still very uncommon all over the world. Also called "Cesky terrier, the dog originated from Czech Republic and is developed from crosses among the Sealyham, Scottish Terrier and possibly with the Dandie Dinmont. It is considered one of the country's national breeds. The Czechoslovakian breeder wanted a dog that is small enough to got to ground and hunt small vermin.

This dog is short-legged, well-muscled and well-pigmented hunting terrier that was developed to be worked in packs. The dog has natural drop ears, natural tail and soft, silky, long coat in shades of Gray from Charcoal to Platinum. The Bohemian is a delightful family pet that gets along well with other dogs. They can adapt to any situation and loves humans especially children. They are very suitable as a family pet for their size and temperament.

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