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Breed group: Terrier    Type: Pure Breed    Talent: , ,


Size: Small     Weight: 13-23 lbs     Fur length: Long    Ears: Flappy    Fur type: Straight    Fur Color: Black, Dark Brown / Chocolate, Gray / Salt & Pepper, Light Brown / Golden


Life Expectancy: 12-15 years    Rarity: Uncommon    Availability: Hard to find    Climate: Good for every climate.

Breed Details


The Bohemian Terrier is a new breed and is still very uncommon all over the world. Also called "Cesky terrier, the dog originated from Czech Republic and is developed from crosses among the Sealyham, Scottish Terrier and possibly with the Dandie Dinmont. It is considered one of the country's national breeds. The Czechoslovakian breeder wanted a dog that is small enough to got to ground and hunt small vermin.

This dog is short-legged, well-muscled and well-pigmented hunting terrier that was developed to be worked in packs. The dog has natural drop ears, natural tail and soft, silky, long coat in shades of Gray from Charcoal to Platinum. The Bohemian is a delightful family pet that gets along well with other dogs. They can adapt to any situation and loves humans especially children. They are very suitable as a family pet for their size and temperament.


All of the Bohemian Terrier puppies are born with color black or black/tan. When the dog matures at 3 years or older, the color would become any shade of gray from charcoal to platinum gray. Black may appear on their ears, head, feet and tail. White, brown and yellow marking are permitted on other parts of the bossy during shows. A white collar or white tip is also permitted on the tail.


This dog's coat is generally wavy and slightly silky in texture. Their coat is white, unusual in most terrier breeds. The hair are long all over the body but should be clipped short on the body while leaving it long over the belly and legs. This gives the dog the look of having a dual length coat. The untrimmed long hair typically reaches the floor to cover the legs which looks almost like the dog is wearing a skirt. Hair on the dog's face is left long.


These dogs are generally known to be sweet and happy dogs that gets along well with children. They are not aggressive but they are brave, courageous, obedient, loyal and patient dogs. Unlike most other terriers, the Bohemian Terrier can get along well with strangers but as terriers they are feisty, stubborn and fearless. They have a special attraction for children especially if there were raised in a family with children. They love being with humans and attention from them making them more suitable as indoor dogs. During puppyhood, this dog is full of energy but as they age they become less active while only becoming lively when play time comes. These dogs love food so much to the point that they would steal it. Make sure that the food, whether clean or in the garbage, is secured and away from their reach.


The Bohemian Terrier's coat requires trimming and caring on a regular basis. The hair around the dog's face should be left alone so that the proper eyebrow, mustache and beard length are formed. Trim along the legs and the stomach. Normally, trimming is required to be done at least four times in a year. For dogs to be shown, grooming is required more frequently. Brushing is needed at least twice a week to keep it looking at its best and tangle-free. Use a stiff bristle brush or a pin brush followed by a slicker brush to add shine and help the hair to lie flat. Make sure that the hair that grows inside the ear passages and between the pads of their feet are trimmed. Plucking is easier which can be done by a professional groomer. This dog sheds very little to none. Bathe the dog only when necessary. Too much water and soap can remove the natural oils in the coat that helps the hair repel dirt and water. It can also significantly damage the coat over time. Use only mild bath products that are high quality. Never use human hair care products as this contains a different pH and perfumes that can trigger allergies and other skin irritations. The Bohemian Terrier are generally known to be a very healthy robust breed as they are not prone to any major diseases. They would occasionally suffer from Scottie Cramp which is a fairly minor problem as it will just case the dog's movement to become awkward. However, it is not painful or life threatening problem.


The dogs are alert, very bright and sensitive dogs making training them fairly easy. They have a soft mild-mannered personality that does not do well with harsh negative enforced training. Training is best done from a very young age as trust and rapport is easier to build during puppyhood. This dog is obedient in nature as they are very loving and very willing to please. They need consistent and positive training. Since they have a great love of food, training usually includes food rewards. Food is also the most complicated problem to correct. Owners will need to keep food and garbage in secured containers or areas of the house or keep them out of reach from the curious dogs and puppies will help avoid this habit to form. Housebreaking should be done as soon as possible as it can be a challenge to do so. Crate training should make housebreaking these dogs easier. This technique enables owners to take advantage of the dog's natural urge to keep their house clean. Just be sure that the crate us of the right size for crate training. It should be small enough for the dog to fit but not big enough that they could lie on the one side to do their deed on the other side. Crate training should also have to be very consistent to avoid the puppy from using the crate as a toilet area. Positive reinforcement should be used for housebreaking and puppies should never be punished when accidents happen as accidents is a timing error on the trainer's part and not the dog. The crate should also be treated as a safe haven for the dogs and not as a punishment or time-out under any conditions. Socialization should also be a part of the dog's training since puppyhood. This training is as easy as taking your puppy with you in the car to the park or on strolls around the neighborhood. When dogs are properly socialized, it will be easier for them to adjust to new things and people that come into their life without becoming nervous or aggressive. Obedience training should also be required for these dogs.


This dog needs minimal exercise and they can do well in both the city or apartment life. They alsi need a long daily walk on or off leash but always in a safe and secure area. They can be small but they are very active and are willing to spend a whole day out exploring or just being out in the yard with their family. It is important that they are given lots of exercise as they enjoy the food and treats while their body has a slower metabolism causing them ti store fat. These dogs are prone to weight gain even with small amounts of food. Their exercise needs can be met easily. A walk or a game of fetch should be enough exercise. They also enjoy jogging, hiking and even playing a game of tag with the kids. They are highly energetic dogs and will get pleasure from participating in most activities that families do together. They also make an ideal traveling companion as they like riding in vehicles.

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