Bonsai Bulldogge

The Bonsai Bulldogge is also known as Bonsai Bull. It is a miniatured size bulldog that was developed to create a dog with great personality and looks but smaller in size and easy to maintain. It is the work of Laura Kelsch of Hammerhead & Tie Lang Tou Kennels. The dog resembles to its larger counter part, the Olde English Bulldogge.

It has broad and square head. Eyes are medium in size and set wide apart. The ears are usually rose type with some dogs having button or tulip type ears as well. The muzzle is deep and broad with slight to moderate wrinkling. The chest is wide, deep and ribs are well sprung. Legs are short, straight and muscular. The tail can be screwed short or docked. The coat is always short and can be of any colour.

The dog has height of up to 12 inches and weight of 25 lbs or under. Closely resembling the Olde English Bulldog, the Bonsai Bulldogge is an ideal home pet with its even temperament and loveable personality.

This dog has NOT been recognized by AKC or any other major club because the breed is still in development process.

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