Border Springer

The Border Springer is a cross between the Border Collie, a traditional sheep-herding dog, and the English Springer Spaniel, an English gun dog that is split between two types, field and show.

The Border Collie, considered the most intelligent dog breed today and long used by shepherds along the Angle-Scottish border, is a highly trainable, faithful dog that nevertheless is happiest doing its job, even if it means it is not always beside its master.

The English Springer Spaniel is a medium-sized dog that came from the same litter as Cocker Spaniels, and was originally used for hunting by flushing, or "springing" their game into the open. The English Springer Spaniel was eventually recognized as a separate breed, and there are small difference to distinguish it from its litter mate, as well as from the Welsh Springer, a similar, smaller breed.

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