Border Terrier

The Border Terrier originated on the border of Scotland and England. They were bred to hunt fox that would hunt and kill their owners farm birds. This breed was sometimes used while their owner was on horseback and because of this, the Border Terrier had a good temperament around horses. They were primarily used as work dogs but now are primarily used for companionship!

The Border Terrier has a short wiry coat and long muscular legs. They have a slightly pushed inward muzzle and their ears are triangular and small. This breeds body is athletic, compact and is built for hunting. The Border Terrier's tail is medium length and they have small paws. A thick double layered coat keeps them warm when they hunt in cold conditions as it is completely weather resistant and can withstand the cold and wet!

This breed is an energetic, responsive and clever little dog. They are hardworking, intensely driven dogs that any farmer would be privileged to own. As well as being a helping hand on the farm, these dogs make excellent pets because their loving, loyal attitude towards their owner is carried out after work. Playful and constantly displaying a charming attitude, the Border Terrier is a fun loving dog that would make a great edition to any family.

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