The Bosapso is cross between one of the most ancient dog breeds, the Lhasa Apos, and a relatively younger breed, the Boston Terrier. The result is a small, loving, and lovable family pet and companion.

The Lhasa Apso, a Tibetan breed said to be descended from mountain wolves, was originally an interior sentinel for monasteries and a lap dog of Tibetan nobility. It was used to keep a watch on high walls for possible marauders, and raise an alert whenever necessary. It was not a dog for the common people; Lhasa Apsos were not bought and sold, but bestowed as gifts or signs of favor, and only to a select few.

The Boston Terrier, named after the American city where the line was first founded and flourished, is not a true terrier, but more of a soft and entertaining lap dog. Most probably descended from bull and terrier type, the Boston Terrier has become popular more for its small, compact size and the affectionate companionship it offers more than anything else.

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