The Bostalian is the result of crossing a Boston terrier with an Italian Greyhound. Both small dogs, the Boston Terrier and Italian Greyhound are primarily known for their companionship, although the Italian Greyhound may offer more in terms of athleticism and agility than the Boston Terrier.

The Boston Terrier, named for the city of its origin, was descended from English pit-fighting breeds brought over to the US in 1800's. Despite fighting and ratting genes in its lines, the Boston Terrier turned out to be a sweet-dispositioned, dapper little pet nicknamed the "American Gentleman." Its popularity peaked in the 1920's, when Americans fell in love with its curious brachycephalic appearance and charming personality.

The Italian Greyhound, also named after its place of origin, is the smallest of the sight-hounds, an old dog breed that hunt primarily by sight. Very closely resembling the Greyhound in miniature, the Italian Greyhound differs mainly in size and personality traits that make it a more suitable household pet and companion than the larger Greyhound.

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