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Breed group:     Type: Hybrid    Talent: ,


Size: Small     Weight: 8 - 18 lbs     Fur length: Long    Ears: Pointy    Fur type: Straight    Fur Color: Black & White, Brown & White, White / Cream


Life Expectancy: 15 years    Rarity: Uncommon    Availability: Hard to find    Climate: Not good for warm climate.

Breed Details


The Bostchon is a cross between the Boston Terrier and the Bichon Frise, two small dogs valued for their companionship and easygoing natures.

The Bichon Frise, originating from the Mediterranean region, was once known as a sailor's dog, not for its swimming prowess, but for the cheerfulness and outgoing personality that made it a favorite among ship-bound sailors. Small, usually white, with a curly coat and black nose and eyes, the Bichon bears some resemblance to the Maltese, another dog breed, but is descended from the Barbet and the Poodle.

The Boston Terrier is an American breed with fighting dogs and terrier types in its lineage. The Boston Terrier, however, has a personality far from that of a terrier's, and is more prone to be affectionate and playful, as any worthwhile pet and companion.


The Bostchon is commonly in solid white, with possible but minimal markings of other light colors such as lemon or cream, and black or brown with white markings on the face, chest, and paws.


The Bichon parent will contribute a double coat, which has a long, coarse-textured, curly layer over a fine, woolly undercoat. The Boston Terrier will contribute a single coat with a hard, straight fur that lies flat and is dense and shiny.


The Bostchon is a spirited, good-natured pet that is sensitive to its owner's moods. It enjoys being showered with attention and affection, and will reciprocate as much. It is used to living in close quarters with its owner, and will pine and become unhappy is left alone for prolonged periods of time. Considered intelligent and trainable, it can quickly pick up tricks, and loves to amuse and entertain. Its charm is for people of all ages, and its energy and playfulness is especially a hit with kids. Older people will find that it is not too demanding on exercise, and while it may bark an alert for strange people, it easily enough extends friendship and can be trained to address excessive barking.


Regular brushing will help clean out any shed fur, and spread natural coat oils to improve shine and appearance. A curly coat will especially need to be brushed out, to prevent mats from forming. If the Bostchon has the Bichon Frise's coat, grooming may be necessary once a month, for a well cared-for look. As an option, a clip may be chosen that requires less grooming.


Obedience training and socialization are best started when the dog is young, to curb any tendency towards stubbornness and single-mindedness. It also shapes the dog's nature and helps its be tolerant of other dogs, different situations, different places.


The Bostchon is happy in a small space, as long as it gets taken out for walks and playing in open areas. It is active indoors, and its own antics can serve as an outlet for its energy. However, it does need to walk and explore occasionally, an instinct basic in all dogs.

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