The Bostie is a mix of the Boston Terrier and the West Highland White Terrier, or the Westie. Both are small dogs, but only the Westie possesses the distinct terrier personality, that of being feisty, fearless, and supremely confident.

The Boston Terrier, despite its name and lines of fighting and hunting dogs in its heritage, is softer and more laid back than a true terrier. It is small and compact, and has been given the nickname the "American Gentleman" because of its neat, stylish carriage and sleek body.

The Westie, said to have been bred by the Laird of Poltalloch, Edward Donald Malcolm, and specifically bred in a white coat to distinguish it from its prey in the field, the red fox. There are other terriers in the Westie breeding history, among them the Scottish, Cairn, and Pittenweem Terriers.

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