Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier originated in Boston and were bred to fight other dogs for sport. They are a mixture of the English White Terrier, French Bulldog and the English Bulldog but have been bred smaller and smaller to attain their current size! Today the Boston Terrier is used primarily for companionship to people.

This breed has a very toned little body with a small head and a flat, pushed-in muzzle. Their ears are triangular and pricked upward giving them a constant alert look. The Boston Terrier has long legs that are athletic and muscular giving them their stamina and speed. Naturally their tail is short and stubby like that of a boxer.

The Boston Terrier is a polite, sweet and goofy little dog that is devoted to their families. They are clever and spend their days playing or exploring! This breed will be great for families because they adore children, and will get along with other dogs and smaller pets.

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