Boxer Collie

The Boxer Collie is the result of a cross between the Boxer and another pure breed dog of the Collie type. The Collie type encompasses several breeds, well-known among them the Rough Collie, the Shetland Sheepdog, the Australian Cattle Dog, and perhaps the best-known, the Border Collie, said to be the most intelligent and trainable of all dog breeds.

The Boxer is a German breed, a powerful, compact, medium-sized dog that is used as an all-around dog: guard dog, service dogs, guide dogs for the blind, police dogs, family pets. Of a stable temperament, gentle and completely devoted to its owner, yet a formidable guardian when protecting its charges, the Boxer can show aggression towards perceived threats, yet be a harmless and affectionate family pet.

The Collie is a type originating from Scotland and the area around North England, but which is now widespread. It is known primarily as a sheep herding dog, but some types have long been valued more for their companionship and suitability as pets rather than as working dogs.

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