Boxer Collie

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Breed group:     Type: Hybrid    Talent: , , , , , , ,


Size: Medium     Weight: 50 - 75 lbs     Fur length: Short    Ears: Flappy    Fur type: Straight    Fur Color: 3 Colors, Black, Black & White, Brown & White, Light Brown / Golden, White / Cream


Life Expectancy: 11 - 15 years    Rarity: Uncommon    Availability: Hard to find    Climate: Good for every climate.

Breed Details


The Boxer Collie is the result of a cross between the Boxer and another pure breed dog of the Collie type. The Collie type encompasses several breeds, well-known among them the Rough Collie, the Shetland Sheepdog, the Australian Cattle Dog, and perhaps the best-known, the Border Collie, said to be the most intelligent and trainable of all dog breeds.

The Boxer is a German breed, a powerful, compact, medium-sized dog that is used as an all-around dog: guard dog, service dogs, guide dogs for the blind, police dogs, family pets. Of a stable temperament, gentle and completely devoted to its owner, yet a formidable guardian when protecting its charges, the Boxer can show aggression towards perceived threats, yet be a harmless and affectionate family pet.

The Collie is a type originating from Scotland and the area around North England, but which is now widespread. It is known primarily as a sheep herding dog, but some types have long been valued more for their companionship and suitability as pets rather than as working dogs.


The most common colors for the Boxer Collie are fawn, black and white. Fawn may actually be a range of color, from light tan to dark gold, while the latter two may be found in combinations. Flash marking may come up, which means a patch of white on the chest up through to the face. Brindle and sable are also possible.


The Boxer Collie's coat can range in size, with the Boxer possessing a short coat, and Collie types differing in length. It may also be flat along the skin, or slight bushy.


The Boxer Collie's temperament depends largely on its parents, and the way it is nurtured. The Boxer is a patient dog that is nevertheless alert, and unrelenting when aroused. The Collie is highly instinctive and intelligent, with some breeds more active than others. The Boxer Collie overall will be an independent-minded, hardworking dog that will still be warm and and demonstratively affectionate with its family. Its protective instinct will make it a great playmate and guardian for children, while its stable temperament and amiability makes it a good companion. A Boxer Collie with a high work drive, though, may need to be put to work more often, so it feels needed, and satisfied when it has finished its tasks.


An active dog, the Boxer Collie will benefit from regular brushing to clear out dead fur and any thorns, burrs, or parasites from its fur. Bathing can be not as frequent, it can be done on a monthly basis. Meals should be smaller-sized portions twice a day, instead of one big meal, and any activity should be timed well away from meals.


Basic obedience training is a must for the Boxer Collie as soon as possible. It should also be socialized, constantly throughout its life. It is a very protective dog, but not necessarily aggressive towards strangers. It will simply stand its ground as long as it perceives a threat to be present.


The Boxer Collie is not really a good dog to confine to indoor living. It needs a good space to run in and play, and will do best with daily runs and sports, if it's not doing work on a farm or ranch. The Boxer Collie has great stamina, and will excel at anything it consistently does, and even in some activities it has a natural instinct for.

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