Braque Dupuy

The Braque Dupuy may perhaps be the most rare breed in the world and is extremely difficult to obtain. During 1600's many forms of French Braqque were developed in the quest to find a superior hunting dog and the Braque Dupuy is one the few breeds that remain today. This dog is very rare even in its country of origin, France and perhaps a few hundred Brawue Dupuy dogs remain today.

It is a large dog with a height and weight of 25-27 inches and 45-65 lbs respectively. Head and muzzle are long and narrow. Eyes are brown or amber in color. Ears are long and set on level with eyes. Nose is black. Neck is long, round and slender. Back is firm with arch loins and chest is deep. Tail is carried low. Coat is short and fine and comes in different colors.

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