Brazilian Terrier

The Brazilian Terrier (also known as Fox Paulistinha or Terrier Brasileiro) is a medium size slender, well balanced and firmly structured dog originating in Brazil. It is one of only two Brazilian dog breeds. It is lively, playful and alert dog with lots of energy. This dog is used for several purposes including vermin hunting, herding, watchdog and companionship and it proves a great dog in all these roles.

The dog is a combination of blend of dogs brought to the country by settlers and cross breeding of these dogs with local Brazilian dogs gave birth to this wonderful breed. Some of the strongest ties go back to Jack Russel and Fox terriers and also to Miniature Pinscher.

The Brazilian Terrier stands 14-16 inches high and weigh typically between 14-20 lbs. Its appearance is typical of dogs descended from fox terrier types.

The triangular head is broad at base with ears well apart; narrowing noticeably from eyes to nose tip. The skull is rounded with moderately flat forehead. Dark colored nose is moderately developed with wide nostrils. Muzzle is strong and slightly tapered. Lips are dry and tight with upper lip covering the lower one and hiding the teeth. Dark, large and slightly roundish eyes are set well apart with a keen impression and can be bluish, brown, green or grey. Triangular shaped ears are set well apart and in line with eyes. They are carried half-pricked. Neck is of moderate length. Body is well balanced, not too heavy and squarely built. Back and loin are relatively short and well muscled with long and deep chest. The tail may be docked or natural. The coat is short, smooth, fine and closely fitted to the body. It always comes in tricolor pattern.

This breed is NOT recognized by AKC however it is recognized by FCI and DRA as separate dog breed.

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