The Briquet (also known as Briquet Griffon Vend�en and Medium Vend�en Griffon) is a medium size hunting dog with a distinguished shaggy coat. It was originated in France. Descendents of Canis Segusius, the dog was larger in size and was called Grand Griffon Vend�en but was bred down in size prior to World War II. During the WWII, the dog became almost extinct but was thankfully restored by work of Hubert Dezamy, a French Dog Judge. The dog is 20-22 inches tall and weighs between 48-53 pounds. The head is medium-sized and with a medium sized snout. The ears are held in the dropped position and hang down the sides of the head. They are set fairly low on the short head. The eyes are dark, large and lively, the eyebrows well pronounced but not covering the eye. The tail is fluffy and is held in the downward position when the dog is at rest. When their interest is captured by something, the tail is usually raised. The body is stocky but well proportioned and should not appear excessively fatty. The shaggy double coat is medium in length and comes in solid or mixed colors, fawn, light brown, white and orange, white and gray and even tricolor.

This dog is lively and spirited and excels as scenthounds but are also used for hunting small game like wild boar and small deer. It is a very good family dog for active families and singles.

This dog is NOT recognized by AKC but it is recognized by FCI.

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