Brittany Bourbonnais

The Brittany Bourbonnais is the result of a cross between two French breeds, the Brittany and the Braq du Bourbonnais. An agile, medium-sized dog, the Brittany Bourbonnais is considered a reliable hunting dog as well as a family pet and companion.

The Brittany, formerly called the Brittany Spaniel because of its appearance, is considered to be more of a pointer/setter type because of its hunting style. There are two subsets within the breed, the American and the French Brittany, and differences are mainly in standards. Overall, the Brittany is used a a hunt-point-retrieve dog, and is sensitive and loyal to its owner.

The modern Braque du Bourbonnais is a recreation of an older breed that is believed to have died out after World War II. A Frenchman, Michel Comte, revived it by starting out with mixed breeds possessing characteristics of the the old breed, and strained out identified traits mostly by inbreeding until a line was created and registered in the 1970's.

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